Substrates for floor printing

Large format outdoor advertising printed directly on the ground

terraprinter opens up new dimensions in outdoor advertising with the latest technology. Whether it's grass, snow or asphalt, we turn every landscape into an advertising medium and create maximum advertising value with minimum effort. We place your message where people and media gather. Telegen, unmissable and outrageously effective. In combination with your advertising campaign or as a stand-alone product, your idea will become an unmissable eye-catcher! You don't find what you are looking for? -> To the contact form

Advertising message on asphalt

Full-color logos, fonts, images and floor guidance systems: accurate in color and detail.
Through floor printing with terraprinter. In the run-out of a race track, at the finish line of a marathon, around an exhibition center or at the open-air festival.
The individual design of outdoor printing offers a unique integration opportunity as well as high-quality differentiation from other event sponsors. Using the latest technology, we have succeeded in creating a unique, graphic integration over the standardized event branding.

Linz Main Square Pixelrunner Red Printed
Linz main square "Our heart beats Linz".
Reichsbrücke outdoor advertising glaubandich first bank on bridge
Vienna Marathon Reichsbrücke #glaubandich
Nürburgring 24h race logo racing branding print on asphalt
Nürburgring 24h Race, 24h Race Logo


Advertising print on grass

The durability of the outdoor print is nature-dependent, but usually at least 3-4 weeks optimally visible. Only when mowing the lawn, the print or the color loses a little radiance, until finally the entire color "grows out".

Porsche European Open golf tournament big white Porsche on grass
bürkert printed on the floor live video new technology germany
terraprinter x Bürkert
UNS UWE at the Volkspark Stadium
"UNS UWE" at HSV Volksparkstadion Design by Stefan Wirz

Advertising print on snow

terraprinter puts your advertising message in the spotlight in a spectacular and environmentally friendly way.
The durability of the pixel print on snow naturally depends on climatic factors such as thaw or fresh snow.

Perfectly placed for drone footage, the TV camera or spectators, it will be a real eye-catcher.

The Erztrophy logo in the snow wow pixelrunner print on the ground

The Erztrophy logo in the snow colorful pixelrunner
Erztrophy logo snow printing
planai snow print green on snow wow
planai pressure on snow

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