"UNS UWE" at the Volkspark Stadium

Uwe Seeler funeral service

Celebrate a venerable farewell

Hamburg, Volksparkstadion. August 10, 2022: In Hamburg and throughout Germany, August 10 is known as "UNS UWE". Uwe Seeler, HSV legend and honorary citizen of Hamburg, is bade farewell at a funeral service in the Volksparkstadion and entered into the history books.


UNS UWE at the Volkspark Stadium
"UNS UWE" at HSV Volksparkstadion Design by Stefan Wirz

The terraprinter team had already arrived on Tuesday. On 35m x 17m Mr. Seeler appears on both halves of the game for the last time in the Volksparkstadion (conception logo: Stefan Wirz, www.ideenpla.net).
In a lighter green directly on the lawn of the Volksparkstadion we depicted the silhouette of the former HSV striker. Including the lettering "UNS UWE" the commemorative image was finished after 3 hours.


A huge thanks goes to VETO for the support and partnership and to the whole team of HSV.

The funeral service was broadcast live on ARD and NDR, also thousands were on site and live. Thus, Uwe Seeler could offer a venerable farewell on 1200m² and the terraprinter-Art.

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