Porsche European Open 2022

Center on the lawn at one of the biggest golf tournaments in Europe: PORSCHE. Two times. 40m x 4m. And that was us. Simple, impressive and definitely worth seeing.

Winsen an der Luhe, near Hamburg, is home to Germany's largest golf course and one of the ten longest in the world. For the fifth time in a row, the Porsche European Open will take place here at the end of May. Over 4 days and 18 holes, the winner is played out in the best weather.

Simple and impressive - with this motto, terraprinter GmbH traveled to Winsen and printed the Porsche lettering twice, each on 40m x 3m, on specially mown lawns. Despite rain before and during the tournament, the print withstood wind and weather.


Lettering directly after printing
floor printing at the Porsche European Open 2022
Porsche European Open 2022


Now floor prints have been applied for the second time at PEO. Both times a plain white lettering. This just shows us even more: we don't always need the biggest, most colorful or craziest idea. Easy does it. And looks great, doesn't it?

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