Field advertising GEOXIP

Nature offers you your stage. Let us assess how your message can best score with GEOXIP...


GPS-based field advertising

Attention High, emotioal
Sustainability Real, sustainable advertising through planting
Dimensions Extremely large areas in and with nature: e.g. 2 - 30 ha (20,000 - 300,000 sq. m.)
Timeline Can be implemented in the short term, durable in the range of one week to one year or permanent care
Course Field advertising is long-term and biological, e.g. growth phase, flowering phase/multiple flowering phases, pruning and maintenance phases, dormant phases (winter) as silhouette possible.
Target group Sustainable storytelling
Price segment From e.g. EUR 18,000 - EUR 120,000 upwards
Effectiveness Lasting change, spectacular, high
Socially effective Farmers can participate fairly in high-margin projects and thus cross-finance their own organic projects, for example.
CI Flowers do not bloom in RAL colours, but set nature's own colour palettes above the specifications of the advertising medium. Seeding times and flowering periods are not based on marketing plans, but on nature. High customer acceptance versus willingness to compromise on CI.
Lead times GPS ploughing possible at short notice. GPS seeding only possible with advance planning of two to five months and approval procedure by the agricultural office.
XXL Visible from a height of 10,000 metres. Can be displayed in perspective, e.g. permanent burger advertising, etc. Tends to be much larger than outdoor printing.
Precision With differential GPS ploughing and GPS cultivation, GEOXIP achieves trace accuracies in vectorial logo cultivation of 4.5 cm on 100,000 square metres of cultivated area. When cultivating plants (e.g. wildflower mixtures, bee pasture, lupines, etc.), the plants conquer part of the logo cultivation beyond the outlines as they grow, so that the precision decreases over time. GPS cultivation with pixel-controlled tractors achieves track accuracies of 15 cm across the direction of travel; in the direction of travel, the separation precision is subject to a somewhat greater deviation, depending on the working speed. Example 3 km/h: 93 % of the target cultivation of a 1-colour crop such as rape is within 21 cm. However, in our opinion, the success of GPS-controlled crop cultivation is a matter of experience as well as technology.
Machines Special GPS-controlled precision agricultural machinery
Price ratio Price level tends to be higher than outdoor printing. Far more sustainable compared to print and online advertising.
Field advertising GEOXIP






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