Floor printing - your image printed on the floor

Branding through floor printing, landscape printing. What does it look like and what are the possibilities? With the latest technology, almost anything is possible. Whether logo or lettering, we focus on transparency and creativity in addition to quality.

floor printing at the Porsche European Open 2022

terraprinter at the Porsche European Open 2022

With our landscape printer, we can bring your graphics to life in no time. Whether it's a company logo, event motto or your new company slogan. With electric drive and ecologically degradable ink, it is ensured that only the desired product is created and no unwanted waste or other traces are left behind.

With up to 50 m² per minute, we not only work efficiently, but also precisely and GPS-controlled. Without imprecise manual work or long preparation and post-processing times. The size and color selection of the print is fully customized to your needs.

Floor printing is the possibility for you that your brand and values can be experienced in a new way. For example: your logo in large format on 30 x 50 m. Or would you rather make a statement? Also no problem. The perfect complement for your marketing or advertising campaign.

Durability? No problem:

In addition to the printing itself, we offer you a wide range of advice so that your print fits as if tailor-made. Upon request, we are happy to create personalized designs and bring them to life in advance through graphic visuals. We can also create professional drone footage, as well as images and videos, on request, so that you not only have something for the moment, but can also capture your advertising for eternity. We are also happy to provide a transparent insight into implementation options, costs and past projects, as well as any other information you may need.Reichsbrücke

Our high-tech landscape printing is aimed at organisations, events, clubs, cities, cultural and sporting institutions and advertisers who want to "brand" and stage their logo or message in a targeted manner.

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You already have an idea in mind? Let us know.

Even larger and then, for example, as a long-term planting, you can draw attention to yourself with sustainable field advertising from our partner GEOXIP.